Ocarina Sheet Music Reading Practice Tool


This is a simple tool to practice reading sheet music for the ocarina. It shows you a note for a short moment and then displays the correct fingering for that note before going on to the next note.

Before starting a practice session you can set how long the note and the correct fingering are displayed, whether you want to practice by sheet music notation or by note name and which notes you want to practice.

The tool can be used to practice with Taiwanese and Japanese style 12-hole ocarinas, Italian style 10-hole ocarinas, 10-hole inline ocarinas, 4- and 6-hole pendants as well as double ocarinas.


You can download it here: Version

If you are using Chrome you might get some strange warnings when trying to download, I have no idea why.

It requires Windows and .NET 4.5. To install, you can simply unzip to the desired location.


For feedback or questions please use the corresponding thread on theocarinanetwork.com or send me a PM there.


Future plans in order of priority:

         Key signatures

         Ocarinas in different keys

         Alternative fingerings for sharps and flats


Release Notes:

Version (11.04.2015):

         Added buttons to more easily select sets of notes: All, sharps, flats or notes which don't have sharps or flats.

Version (11.04.2015):

         Added sharps and flats

         Added Japanese 12-hole, Italian 10-hole, double chambered, 10-hole inline, 4-hole pendant and 6-hole pendant ocarinas.

         Replaced the pictures of notes and ocarina fingering with fonts.

         Created a custom program icon.

Version (09.04.2015):

         Initial public release